The oldest rice cake shop in Asakusa, Tokyo

Iriyama Senbei – The oldest rice cake shop in Asakusa, Tokyo

Iriyama Senbei is located on the edge of Sushi Street in Asakusa. Since its opening more than 100 years ago, they have sold only one product, Iriyama rice cakes.

Iriyama cake shop

Rice is ground and kneaded to powder, then steamed into the cakes. Cakes are dried by the sun for 3 days, then baked with charcoal, firewood and covered by soy sauce. Depending on the temperature and humidity, the artisans change the time of drying and baking – this is their own secret.

Artisans are hand crafted

A rice cake in Japan usually costs less than 100 yen, while a rice cake at Iriyama costs 130 yen (about 27,000 VND). However, people often buy Iriyama rice cakes in large quantity each time as gift.

The difference of Iriyama rice cake is the thickness of the cake. These rice cakes are so thick that they must be grilled on charcoal instead of gas oven, which makes the price of the cake much higher than that of traditional rice cakes.

Iriyama rice cakes are not only special delicious but also unchanged over the past 100 years, making them truly worth at their prices.

banh gao
Charcoal grills

At the bakery, you can sit near the artisans to see the way they carefully grill each rice cake on Nagahibachi – a long charcoal kiln.

The taste and processing methods have been preserved since 1914, Iriyama has contributed to preserve the beauty of traditional culture for modern society.

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